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flat-roof-repairFlat roofs do not have a slope to encourage rain and snow to slide off of them. As such, constructing flat roofs is a very different process than working with a sloped, shingled one.

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Flat Roof Repair Contractors

There are a variety of ways to waterproof a flat roof. So long as the time is taken to do the job properly, including repairs and preparation, the protection can last for decades. Some of the types of low-sloped roofing we see are:

  • Built-up – The built-up technique was popular for many years, and your flat roof residence could certainly have one. It involves several coatings of durable material such as tar layered on the roof.
  • Single-ply – A single-ply membrane is a large sheet of material fastened to the roof by either screws or glue. These sheets come in a variety of different materials which offer different benefits. This is the common method of flat roof construction today.
  • Spray-applied Coating – This waterproof and insulating material is sprayed onto the roof rather than installed. The result is a single, unbroken coating. The lack of seams or screw holes means there’s fewer ways for water to get into your home.

High winds can rip off individual shingles. But flat roof treatments are much larger and adhere more strongly to the roof, greatly lessening the chance of storm damage.

Flat roof repair requires the contractor to understand the current state of your roof and find the most effective materials to repair it. We’ll come out quickly, do an inspection and let you know how to best proceed. We can get your flat roof back in great condition in no time at all.

We specialize in flat roofs that have low or no slope.

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