Roof Replacement

roof replacementEventually, every home needs a roof replacement. They can last for decades, but time slowly wears down even the best maintained roofs.

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If your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, we can perform a quality replacement in less time and for less money than you might expect.

Shingle Roof Replacement

The best shingle roof replacement is the one that is installed properly, comes with a long warranty and is affordable. Removing old, worn out shingles is only the start of the process. Let us put 40 years experience to work for you to get the job done right the first time.

Safety and experience play a big role in keeping this roofing project on time and on budget. Four things have to happen when replacing a shingle roof, they are:

    shingle roof replacement

  1. First, we determine what’s specifically needed and what options address those needs. Then we help guide you through a selection process, which might include types of materials, colors, shapes, and additional features such as added insulation.
  2. Next, we tear up the old materials and properly dispose of them. Some are recyclable, which may be a factor to consider when you’re choosing your new roof.
  3. Then we inspect the substrate, if necessary. This is particularly important for a shingle roof replacement or metal roof replacement, because the material underneath is wood. Leaks may have caused the wood to rot. If this is the case, repairs are made before proceeding. The ventilation of attic space may also be addressed. Poor ventilation causes humidity in the attic, which encourages the growth of mold and mildew.
  4. Finally, we apply the new materials. This includes weatherproofing flashings which seal the gaps between the new roof and outcroppings such as pipes and chimneys.

Roof Replacement Cost

roof replacement costRoof replacement cost can vary from one roofer to another, depending on their reputation, warranty they provide and the service they deliver after the job is done.

At Shipp, we install quality roofs with long warranty’s and we can work within most budgets.

A wide variety of available materials means we can select what’s best for you and your wallet. We also offer same as cash financing on our very affordable pricing.

We have the best roof replacement prices for long lasting roofs.

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