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shingle roof repairShingle roofs are the most common type of residential roof in America today. They’re comprised of many overlapping elements made of durable materials.

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Shingle Roof Types & Materials

Shingle roofs offer a lot of versatility. Most commonly, shingles are made of asphalt or laminate and come in 3-Tab or Architectural styles. However, wood and stone are sometimes used for a more unique appearance.

Asphalt and laminate both come in a variety of colors. You’d like a say in the color of your home, right? Why not your roof? Matching the color of your existing roof or choosing a new one is very easy with us. Shingles also come in several shapes and textures, so you can further personalize your home.

Some shingles provide additional benefits, such as insulation, helping to keep your heating and cooling bills low year round.

Is My Shingle Roof Damaged?
Far more common than a shingle roof replacement is a shingle roof repair where only a section of shingles need to be replaced. How do you know when a repair is needed?

Of course, sometimes it’s obvious. If water is coming into your home, you have an emergency. If shingles are visibly missing, they need to be replaced as soon as possible, even if the water hasn’t yet gotten inside.

But what if they are just loose? How would you know? If the shingles are not lying flat against your roof, that indicates the wood underneath has gotten wet and is warping. Also, take a look at your gutters. Are they full of granules the color of your roof? That’s the shingles breaking down.
We encourage homeowners to not climb onto roofs to inspect them. Let the experts at Shipp Roofing safely examine your shingle roof to determine if repairs are needed. Many times, repairs only take a couple of hours as we remove and replace the damaged shingles, which we’ll then properly dispose of.

We are the expert shingle roof contractor for repair and replacements.

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