Storm Damage

storm damage roof repairMany homes suffer storm damage at some point. High winds snag shingles and flying debris can damage waterproof coatings. Pounding hail can weaken materials.

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After a major storm, consider an inspection to make sure your roof has remained intact.

How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?

If a major storm has come through your neighborhood, inspect your roof from the ground. Look for shingles which are missing, out of place or damaged. Those demand immediate attention.

Is there major debris sitting on your roof? Let us remove it for you and check out the shingles underneath. If you’re concerned about the stability of the roof under a particularly large amount of debris, keep people clear of that area of the house until a professional has examined it.

Hail rarely causes immediate leaks. However, it can fatally weaken asphalt shingles, setting them up for future failure. Periodically check your gutters. Are they filled with gritty particles the color of your roof? That means your shingles are degrading. Dents in your gutters and the fascia (the edge of your roof) from hailstorms can also alert you to possible trauma to your roof.

24 HR Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Some damage, such as hail damage, does not need to be immediately fixed, although you should address it sooner rather than later. But when water is leaking through a storm damaged roof, you have a real emergency. We offer 24-hour repair services to help you protect your home from permanent water damage.

Leaks are about more than wet floors and annoying drips. It can permanently stain materials, cause paint to bubble, and encourage unhealthy mold and mildew in places you can’t reach. Fast solutions are a necessity when you have water in your house.

Stay Safe!
Always inspect your roof from the ground. Roofs are treacherous on good days and much worse after a storm. Slick surfaces, debris, and potentially loose shingles make climbing your roof extremely dangerous. Let the professionals at Shipp Roofing safely examine and repair your roof.

We provide emergency storm damage roof repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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